'With God, All Things Are Possible'!


Hi and welcome to Oliver’s Miracle!  Guess I should introduce myself. My name is Oliver… Oliver Edward Prats, that is. I was named after my great- great- grandfather, Edward Oliver Latour.  He and I were born exactly 100 years apart. Pretty cool, huh?  Anyway, my mommy and daddy decided to start this site when I was still inside my mommy’s belly.  You see, the doctors told her that I would be “special”.  Everyone seemed to get real excited about that and wanted to know all about me. Since there were so many people asking about me, Mommy and Daddy thought this would be the best way to reach them all at once.  I think it was a great idea!  And hey, it’s not everyday a kid gets to star in his own website!  Well, I guess the best way to get to know about me is to hear first from my mom. Our church did a video of her talking about her experience with me. She’s awesome and I think she and my dad are the best parents in the whole world!!  Oh, and thanks for checking out my site!

Lacey Pratts Story from Healing Place Church on Vimeo.

Oliver was born 0n August 12, 2007, a beautiful baby boy. And though his parents, Lacey and Trey, along with hundreds of others, had prayed and believed for a healthy baby, Oliver was born with the conditions that the doctors had predicted. Namely, spina bifida, hydrocephalus, club feet and Arnold-Chiari type II malformation. He was later diagnosed with agenesis of the corpus callosum and a form of epilepsy called epileptic encephalopathy.

Through Oliver’s physical afflictions, our family  has entered on a road we never imagined to travel.  Though this is a journey that we would have preferred not to take; we count ourselves truly blessed from the lessons that we are continually being taught. We have learned to see God’s hand in every situation, and to find true joy in the midst of what many would consider, sorrow. We now give thanks for all of the “little” things that Oliver can do – those things that otherwise would have been taken for granted or gone unnoticed. We have come to realize that though Oliver may be physically disabled; on the inside,where it really counts, he is perfect. But more than anything, we have learned to have complete peace about Oliver’s situation because we know that our heavenly Father is in control of it all.  We prayed along with many of you for Oliver to be born fully healed. Though we didn’t see that miracle happen, we are witnessing many others on a daily basis, and there is no doubt that the process for him to be completely healed is occurring at this very moment. We want to thank you for the love and support you have shown to Oliver. We invite you to continue to visit his website and celebrate with us as Oliver’s miracle unfolds. Most of all, thank you for taking the time to pray for Oliver. Your prayers do make a difference!

We know some of you have come to this site in search of answers or perhaps just for hope, because your own child was recently diagnosed with a special condition.  Please let us know who you are. We would love to offer you our support and prayers.  The world calls our child disabled, but we choose to see Oliver as a precious child of God who was created in His image. We will teach Oliver that he doesn’t  have disabilities;  he  has different abilities.  And with God, all things are possible to those who believe!

Comments on: "OLIVER’S STORY" (2)

  1. My son Tristyn is a heart baby. He’s 3 year’s old and had spent far too much time in the hospital in his short life.
    He’s had 3 open heart surgeries and will need more, but you are correct, our children’s disabilities are not who they are. They don’t define them. It’s something they HAVE.
    We stress this with everyone and Tristyn doesn’t even know he’s sick for the most part.
    We’re also from Louisiana and I was introduced to your blog through the latest post about Oliver leading the LSU Band.
    I’ve been reading your blog all morning.
    Hugs and prayers to your special family from our special family!

  2. Kellie Schneider said:


    That is a beautiful testimony about your story, Oliver’s story and the family he has! I look forward to seeing him succeed and progress in Life’s Journey! Beautiful!

    Kellie Schneider (Houston, TX)

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