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Baseball is AWESOME!!

Guess what!  Today I got to play in my first ever baseball game.  It was awesome!!  I got to bat all by myself –  and run to all the bases (well not exactly ‘run’ – I used my stander – but it’s just like running to me) – and I even scored 2 points – and I got to play in the field – and I caught the ball a few times and got to throw it to 1st base!!  Can you tell I’m excited or what!!  My dad was the best!! He gave me pointers and he stayed by me the whole time just in case I needed some help.  And my family was there to cheer me on.  Oh, and the name of our team is the Heros. It was one of my best days ever! But you know what was even better than getting to play baseball? – Getting to be part of the team – you know – just one of the guys!! That was the best part of all!!  I can’t wait til our next game!!

My Aunt Sadie took some great pictures that I wanted to share with you.  

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Comments on: "Baseball is AWESOME!!" (1)

  1. Linda E. Prats said:

    Great job Oliver! Punkin is so proud of you! You bring such joy to my heart.

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