'With God, All Things Are Possible'!

That’s me with 2 of my best buddies. We are in Florida for our vacation this summer.

I sure would appreciate it if you would remember me in your prayers – especially on Monday!  I will be having surgery on my shunt on Monday morning.  It’s been giving me a lot of problems lately and making my head hurt really bad.  I even had to ride in an ambulance earlier this summer when I had a bad seizure. The doctors think that I had the seizure partly because I am growing and needed to be on a bigger dose of my medicine and partly because of the pain from my shunt. I have been on a bigger dose of my seizure medicine since I left the hospital and also some medicine to help with the pain.  But now, my doctor decided it’s time to get off of the pain meds and fix my shunt.  I don’t know exactly what will be done but I guess my doctor will figure that out on Monday during my surgery… That’s where your prayers come in. We need to pray for the doctor to have wisdom for what to do for me and also for me to have a speedy recovery.. Summer’s almost over and I need to get in a few more weeks of  fun before school starts!.. And just so you know – I’m not worried about a thing cause I know that God is in control of it all, and I’ll have Jesus by my side for the whole thing! – I’ll be talking to you a little later and will keep you posted on my recovery.

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