'With God, All Things Are Possible'!


TRYING TO GIVE US A SMILE WHILE GETTING AN EEG – one of many tests done today.

My mom had to take me to the ER yesterday morning cause I wasn’t feeling too good.  The doctors needed to make sure it wasn’t my shunt giving me problems again.  It’s kinda been doing some weird things lately.  But they decided that my shunt wasn’t the problem.  Since they couldn’t figure out what was going on they made me spend the night in the hospital.  They kept taking blood from me and checking things out.  The next day they took even more blood but this time they said everything was back to normal so I could go home!!  I’m still not sure what was going on – all I know is that I’m glad to get outa here!!   Anyway, thanks for the prayers.  They sure do help!

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