'With God, All Things Are Possible'!

Mother's day lunch

Our Mother's Day lunch. Isn't she beautiful!! Everyone thinks we look alike!

I have the best mom in the whole world!! You have no idea all the things she does for me. – Here’s an example of a typical day at our house –  She has to make sure I wake up in the morning in time to be ready for school or an early therapy session. Getting up for most kids involves the usual stuff. But for me – I’m a cut above the rest – so I need a little extra attention. Like, I need Mommy to catheterize my bladder first thing when I wake up. That’s my version of going to the potty. And she has to remember to “cath” me every 3 hours all day long.  It’s not so bad when we’re at home, but when we are out running errands that process can get a little tricky.  Mommy also has to give me all my medicine.  Then she has to take off my AFO’s (that’s short for ankle-foot orthotics) and make sure they didn’t cause sores on my feet during the night. Then we do the kinda stuff other kids usually do in the morning like eat breakfast, brush your teeth, … you know.  Next it’s stretching my legs and putting back on my AFO’s. Now we’re ready for the day! Since I have about 5-6 different therapists, I usually have a least one therapy appointment every day; and some days it’s two. I have about 8 different doctors taking care of me,  so you can usually count on a doctor’s appointment somewhere in the week, as well.  Then there’s school and playtime and the usual stuff moms do. Oh, and don’t forget about baby Sam. He really needs her now that he is crawling. He gets into everything! At night she helps me out when I sit on my “big-boy” potty.” It’s a special chair for kid’s like me to use when we “go to the bathroom”. That whole process takes about 30 minutes. Then it’s medicine time again and off to bed. Oh and during the day she has to make sure I don’t run a fever, and I drink lots of water and I walk with my braces. I’m sure I left out some stuff; but I think you get the picture. Now can you see why she’ s the best mom in the whole world?!  But the real reason I think she’s the best mom in the whole world is cause she makes me feel like I’m the best kid in the whole world!  I sure do love her!

Comments on: "HAPPY “MUDDA’S” DAY, MOM!!" (1)

  1. karen fecke said:

    Oliver, you are so correct~you have the best Mother in the world! God has truly blessed you and Sam with an Angel. I love and admire and respect her so much! And you bring so much joy to everyone, but especially to your Mom. Love ya Buddy!

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