'With God, All Things Are Possible'!


Boy, has a lot been going on since the last time we talked! My baby brother Sam and I have been keeping our mom & dad so busy that they didn’t have time to turn on the “cupooter” for me to write to you…..sorry!

AUGUST – So let’s see – where were we?  Oh yeah, I was just about to start school. Well, at the end of the month I started school at LSU!! In case you’re wondering – I’m not going to college – it’s the developmental preschool on LSU’s campus!! But I’m at LSU just the same!!  I looove my school and my teachers and especially my new friends!!  School is so awesome cause I get to do things that I haven’t done before – like go on field trips around campus. I also got to learn how to sit quietly and let someone else do the talking. That took a little while to learn, but I’m really good at it now!  What I like best about my school is how my teachers and the children there treat me like I’m just “one of the gang”.  And hey, sometimes I do things in a different way than the other kids but we all wind up with the same result.

SEPTEMBER – I started seeing a new urologist and he changed the medicine I was taking to help my kidneys and bladder. I was glad cause the old medicine was makin me feel real bad. The new medicine is working much better for me and now I’m back to my old self!

OCTOBER – My school got a special bike for me to use. My therapist helped me to learn how to pedal it with my hands and now I get to ride my bike at recess with the other kids! It’s so much fun and it wasn’t too hard for me to learn.

I got to meet "Mike the Tiger" before the LSU game. It was awesome!!

NOVEMBER started out great – I got to go to my first LSU football game.  I loved watching the football players but I think I liked the “marching band” even more!! I talk about them everyday since then.   Like  I said, November started out great but something really bad happened to my baby brother Sam. (You can find out more about it on BABY SAM)  God gave us a really big miracle when He gave baby Sam back to us.  My family is so grateful for that!

DECEMBER finally arrived and I got to take Sam to Disneyworld and introduce him to Mickey & the gang! We flew on a big airplane and then spent a whole week with Mickey Mouse!! It was all so magical! I love how I’m treated when I go there!


When I got home I had surgery on my eyes to help them to straighten out.  Now I should be able to use both eyes at the same time and I probably won’t need to wear glasses anymore!  Even though I’m a happy kinda guy – I was sad for baby Sam. He needed lots of attention from my mom and dad and lots of prayers, too. But God is so good and by the end of March, Baby Sam was almost fully healed!!

Mardi Gras parade @ LSU

My school's version of a Mardi Gras parade. I let Sam ride with me.


FEBRUARY – Cause my mom & dad were so busy taking care of Sam, my grandparents and some of my aunts and uncles helped out by spending time with me. I really liked getting that extra attention from them. And they tried not to spoil me too much!

MARCH – Like I said before – God is good and His timing is perfect – cause by the middle of the month, just when Sam started doing better, I decided it was time for me to get back some of the attention I had given up. So I got my mom to take me to the E.R. – no ambulance ride or anything like that – just a nice slow ride in her car. I was having a really bad headache and since she says I never complain like that, she needed me to get checked out.  By the time the doctors finished their tests, I was feeling fine, so the hospital asked me to be in a commercial they were shooting that day.  See how God can take bad things and make them good!
Anyway- I spent the next 3 days kinda feeling the same way. By the 5th day my mom knew the doctors were wrong when they told her my condition was seizure related.  She’s so smart!!  So she and my dad took me back to the E.R. and this time the doctors got it right.  I was having shunt failure. You can go to MY MEDICAL UPDATES  to find out more about it. I had to have another shunt put in and spend a few days in the hospital – but I got some undivided attention and some new toys out of it, so all –in-all it wasn’t so bad!! …that is except for the haircut they gave me! Once I started feeling better my dad took me to see Mr. Rene – he owns the Forum Hair Salon and he fixed my hair. He did a really great job and you could hardly tell where they shaved my head!

After shunt surgery

Giving a "thumbs up" two days after getting a new shunt.

Well I guess we’re all caught up!  Can you believe  it’s already APRIL!  I just got back from a long week-end at the beach with my family.  Sam & I are continuing to heal more and more each day. I really appreciate the prayers and if you could remember to pray for Baby Sam I would appreciate that even more!

Oliver & Sam in Gulf Shores

Sam didn't like the sand at first. But once I showed him how to play in it, he was OK.

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