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Am I really 3 years old??

Oh, hi guys!  Yes, it’s me, Oliver.  I am writing you to tell you that I got away from writing on my blog for a while, but I am now a mature 3 year old and I have so much to tell you.

My "Boitday Cake"

"Oh, are you taking a picture of me??"

In the last year, I have a new little brother, Samuel David.  He was born on May 17, 2010.  He’s a little chunker and loves to cry so he can get his way with Mommy and Daddy.  I was a little jealous at first, but he’s grown on me and I can see he and I are gonna be best buddies.

I have been travelling a little with Mommy and Daddy to our favorite summer hangout, Destin.  This winter, we are going to Disney!  I can’t wait to tell Mickey how much I love watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse EVERY morning while I eat my food bar and drink my “cholocolate milk”.

I am starting school this year and I can’t wait!   I get to meet new friends, new teachers, and get to learn new things!

Okay, I promise I’ll start writing more to everyone.  Keep checking out my blog site and I’ll give you updates…  Until then, “see ya lata, alligata!”


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  1. shona arthur said:

    Dear Lacey,
    my name is Shona Arthur,i dont know if you remember me,I wrote to you back in 2008,I was execting a baby boy with spina bifida.Im sorry I didnt get back to you after I had the baby.Well I had him by caesaran on the 06/11/08.We called him Josiah & he is gorgeous boy.He had rough start but is doing exceptionally well now.He had club feet,needed a vp shunt & his back closed & was in nicu for 6 weeks.He can stand with his splints on & they believe he will walk one day.God has been so very faithful.
    We had our sixth child,a little girl e called Isabella Grace Arthur on 08/07/10.She is healthy & does not have spina bifida.Josiah loves her but was very upset when when he first met her & she was crying.
    conratulations on the birth of little Samuel!
    Im so very happy for the three of you,is he healthy,does he have spina bifida?
    Oliver looks well,how is he going?
    I met his lovely young woman last year who has spina bifida & came & spoke to us at church.Thought you might like her website http://www.helabeledmeable.com
    So glad to hear your god news & hope all is well with Oliver.
    Shona Arthur

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