'With God, All Things Are Possible'!

wedding 1

Me Mommy and Daddy at Uncle C’s Wedding

ok, so much has happened I don’t know where to begin. I have been keeping Mommy VERY busy. Well, after I got my wheels I couldn’t be stopped. I learned to go everywhere in them, I even learned to pop-a-wheelie! In the beginning of summer, Mommy and Daddy got my my first set of RGO’S. They are braces that have a cable system that help me walk. I use my walker with them, and I am doing pretty well. I use my wheels when I go places with my friends or with Mommy and Daddy. I use my RGO’S when I am at the house or in therapy. I am talking up a storm! I repeat EVERYTHING I hear. I have been pretty busy this summer. We went to our first Spina Bifida Conference in Orlando. I got to see Mickey and Peter Pan (my two favorite characters right now). Mommy and Daddy learned a TON about spina bifida at the conference and I also made new friends, Eleanor,  Avery and Owen. I also went to the beach TWICE and I am heading there again pretty soon. I still can’t believe that I am going to be 2 in just two weeks. Well, Mommy says to check out my Spina Bifida page for some updates and to check back in a couple of weeks for some birthday pics. Enjoy the videos and pics…….

This is my first haircut!

This is me at Easter sleeping on my "bucca" Beau

This is me at Easter sleeping on my "bucca" Beau.

at the beach!

at the beach!

Me and Nan

Me and Nan

I LOVE water!

I LOVE water!

Me and all my girls!

Me, Ami and all my girls!

I LOVE daddy's BIG boat!

I LOVE daddy's BIG boat!

This is my new friend Eleanor

This is my new friend Eleanor





Comments on: "First my wheels now my braces….." (3)

  1. Hi my name is becky. I just stumbled across your blog today and I’m glad I did. Your little guy is so cute. My little Christopher is goint to be 2 at the end of the month and we have just ordered his very first walker. So it looks like we have a lot in common. Hope your having a great day.

  2. Hello BIG boy Oliver!

    My name is Sofie and I live in Belgium…
    Far away from where you live that is.
    I was born with Spina Bifida a long,long time ago.
    Can you keep a secret? 35years ago (ssssssssscht, don’t tell anyone ;o))
    Now I’m living on my own with my dog Nelle (she’s a Jack Russel girl who teases me a lot and snors in my ear when she sleeps).
    Next to that I run my non-profit organization with a great colleague, work as a lifestyle coach and also as a life coach. And I also advice people about the right perfume for them.
    In january next year I will be starting a project called “little Jules” I will be guiding Challenged kids and their parents from the very beginning until they don’t need me anymore…or get sick and tired of me ;o).
    Enough about me now…
    The main reason why I’m sending you this message, is just to let you know that I am Sooo proud of YOU and of your mommy and daddy!!!
    Waaaaaaaaaaaaaaauw! You guys make a SUPER team!
    I promise you that I will keep reading your blog!
    And you…promise me 1 thing…
    Keep rocking & rollin baby!!!

    I’m giving you the biggest hug I ever gave to a little boy, sending you tons of strength and love to keep rollin!

    X Sofie

  3. Thanks for being such an inspiration in our lives! You have been awarded. Check it out over on my blog.


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