'With God, All Things Are Possible'!

Well, it’s offical, I have taken my first trip to Disney World, and I LOVED it!!! I can’t wait to go back. I went on EVERY ride that I could possibly go on. I also met some of Mickey’s friends. Here are some pics from the trip. Oh and make sure to check out my Spina Bifida Progress page. Mommy finally updated it.

Me, Mommy and Daddy outside of Magic Kingdom


me and Uncle Beau were feeling patriotic

I think I am in LOVE!!!!

Comments on: "My First Trip To DISNEY WORLD" (5)

  1. Edith Kirkland said:

    Hello Lacey–
    I’m glad to see and hear of Oliver’s progress–Cute photos at Disney. I’m tickled to see him wearing the blue outfit that I sent him. We enjoy the LeTop clothing line–cute things–
    Take care and God Bless!

  2. Lacey

    I came across your blog today and just felt the need to contact you as I have a six year old son with spina bifida. If you ever have questions or answers please feel free to contact me… because I know how important it is to talk with someone who really understands. My son’s name is Grayson and he is the light of our lives and started Kindergarten this year! He has done amazing and Oliver will too!!

  3. what great pictures! oliver is so handsome. there must be something about the disney pricesses — we took oliver to disney over the summer and he fell in LOVE with Mulan 🙂 she kissed him and his eyes completely glazed over.

    Fellow mom from SB board

  4. Wow – OLIVER IS SO BIG!!!!! He has grown so much, he is looking just beautiful, and happy. We are happy to see you all enjoying life with your most precious son… he will be such an inspiration to others!! We need to get the boys together again soon… we should be home by next week.

    So glad you reached out to us – it’s been too long since aquatherapy:-) We hope to see you all soon!

    The Wilson’s (Braden, mommy Kodi & daddy Brad)

  5. Hey Oliver (and mommy and daddy),

    I am sure you remember us from Aqua Therapy this summer (Jackson is Braden’s buddy who has AMC). I found your blog through Braden’s site and just wanted to stop in and say hi. I can not believe how much Oliver is growing…maybe we can get together soon…drop me a line sometime


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