'With God, All Things Are Possible'!

Well, I had a pretty rough couple of weeks, but I also have a HUGE PRAISE REPORT! Last week I went to my Urologist, and she told my Mommy and Daddy that they only had to catheterize me in the morning and at night! That’s a HUGE improvement. She also said that I did not have ANY reflux into my kidney’s. Once again, we are all amazed at God’s healing power in my life. After that appointment we drove into New Orleans, and my Orthopedic doctor said that I needed to go back into casts for a little while. I have about one more week, and then it’s time to go swimming! Mom ordered my new DAFO’S, and she got some dinosaures on them! I can’t wait to take some pictures. This past week I was having some “spells” that made Mommy and Daddy pretty worried. They took me to the ER. Man was this place CRAZY!!! They had people everywhere. After a bunch of tests, most of which I can’t even pronounce, the doctors determined that I was having seizures. We had to stay over night at the hospital so the doctors could monitor my progress. They put me on some medicine to stop the seizures. The medicine doesn’t bother me too much and it doesn’t taste too bad either. Mommy is making some more doctors appointments for me so we can try to figure out why I was having seizures. I want to thank all of my family and friends who prayed for me, mommy and daddy. It was a pretty rough week, but through the grace of God we made it through. Now I am just waiting to get these casts off so I can go swimming with all of my friends!

Here are some NEW PICS taken by Sadie, didn’t she do a great job!

Comments on: "Thanks for all of the PRAYERS" (5)

  1. Hey Oliver! I posted a comment on your aunt Kelly’s facebook telling her, “I love this kid!” YOu are so cute, I can’t stand it! I miss you and your mommy and daddy. We had fun at WOW but it wasn’t long enough! Can’t wait to see you again. Cole and Livi say Hi and Cole wanted to tell Lala and Uncle Trey that he had a great birthday party today and he loves his starwars game! WE love you Oliver!

  2. This message is for Oliver’s mother:

    My little boy has hydrocephalus and seizures and a couple of other issues as well. I realize that you must be in a VERY scary place right now as seizures are very hard on a parent. I live in the New Orleans area and heard about Oliver’s blog here. I just wanted to let you know that if you ever wanted to talk to someone who’s on a similar journey than I would love to exchange e-mail. My address is barnyardmama@gmail.com

    Wishing all the best for you and your family.

  3. meredithdixon said:

    ya’ll need to post that video from church up here!!! talk about miracles!!

  4. Ms. Pattie said:

    Dear Oliver I just read about your problem with seziures and my heart skipped a beat….I am praying that God will direct the Drs. so that they can find the problem….You are growing so nicely and I love seeing pictures of you. You are my special friend and God hears my prayers for you and mommy and daddy. I want to meet you one day and give you a hug. I know that that will happen in time. Until then here are a few hugs for you and a kiss or two..xo xo xo xo Love from Ms. Pattie in NC

  5. meredithdixon said:

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the new pics!!!! what a handsome little man!!!

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