'With God, All Things Are Possible'!

My First Easter

I celebrated my first Easter this past weekend! I am so thankful to have a Savior like Jesus! This week my Tootsie turns the BIG 50! We celebrated with my family, and I got to meet my GREAT, GREAT, GREAT Aunt Ethel and Uncle Bud. It was really awesome to meet them. My Ami took a pretty cool picture of me in my Easter outfit. I am with my Mickey, he’s my favorite stuffed animal right now. And I had to include some pictures of me and my best-friend Sheldon, in our matching Easter outfits! Also, check out my family section for some new pics. Oh, and I’ll tell you all about my new therapy sessions in my Spina Bifida section! Enjoy!!

This is me and my Tootsie celebrating her birthday. Isn’t she beautiful!!!


This is me and my Great Great Great Uncle Bud


This is the picture my Ami took of me and my Mickey Mouse. I can’t wait for my first trip to Disney!


Me and Sheldon in our matching Easter outfits, she makes me laugh!


And apparently, I make her laugh too….


What did I say that was so funny?????


Man, I can’t figure this girl out. Maybe Uncle Blair and Daddy can give me some pointers!


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  1. TOOOOO CUTE!! I’m going to eat both of them!

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