'With God, All Things Are Possible'!


Sorry I haven’t written in a while. I have been pretty busy! Let’s see… I celebrated my first Mardi Gras with my bestfriend Sheldon! We went to Houston in a BIG motor home. I want to thank Mr Richard and Mrs Ann, they are Sheldon’s grandparents and they invited me and mommy to go with them. We had SO much fun. We went to the Galleria and mommy and Aunt Melissa made me shop ’til I dropped.

I have had several doctor’s appointments, so make sure to check out my Spina Bifida section!

Here are some new pictures…… ENJOY



Comments on: "February Has Come and Gone" (7)

  1. Lindsey said:

    I love these pictures! Precious!

  2. Ha! I love that you posted the pics that I took! I love this boy! We miss you and can’t wait to spend time with you again.

  3. frank caracci said:

    I love the pictures papa Pratts.

  4. Debbie Bassil said:

    I am a friend of Trey’s parents. Thank you for allowing me to see Oliver’s progress. He is absolutely beautiful. I love his smile. He is a miracle.

  5. George Malek said:

    Trey,Lacey and Oliver
    I am so glad things are progressing wonderfully. Oliver looks great. Just wait till he starts running around and truely starts to wear you guys out. Hopefully , if all goes well, we will be moving back home from Knoxville at the end of March. Can’t wait to get together with you guys.

  6. You are really growing up right before our eyes Oliver! It is hard to believe you are almost 7 months old already! We have been so blessed as a family since you arived and how GOD keeps on performing little miracles in you every day. When we look at you, we see the love of the Lord in your precious little face. You are truly a JOY and we cannot wait to see what HE has in store for your future.



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