'With God, All Things Are Possible'!

01.11.08 – My Mommy’s Birthday is today!  Happy Birthday, Mom!  We went over and celebrated with Uncle Blair, Aunt Melissa, and Sheldon.  Sheldon and I just hung out laughing and playing.  We started posing and, of course, the cameras broke out.  So…being the stars that we are, we had to put a show on!!

Sheldon tickling my feet and trying to eat my toes…  That girl is brave foolin’ with my feet!  Has she ever seen what kinda feet I come from like my Pawpee and Popsie’s?


Now that’s what I call “Blue Eyes”!!


….and Oliver moves in for the kill on his first kiss and Sheldon wants no part of it…..DENIED!!


Wow!  That girl packs a mean ‘whack’!  Here I am trying to ‘bust a move’ and she wacks me across the head!


…and then she has the nerve to laugh about it!


…. And then after dinner and play time, it was time for a bath with my bestfriend.


….. “I wash your back, you wash mine?”


…. I think I am going to try out a new hair style, and I am going for the rebel look. Do you think Mommy would approve?


….Ok so Mommy wasn’t crazy about my new hair idea, but that’s ok ’cause I had a blast with my bestfriend today!


Comments on: "SPLISH SPLASH, I WAS TAKIN’ A BATH…." (2)

  1. Greetings from the Olivier colleague in Europe, who also was born with the same defect.
    I send greetings for my grandmother.
    I have only 11 months.

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