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WOW! What a party!!

November 10, 2007

I went to Ingram Bates’ 1 year old Birthday party today and man, did I have fun seeing all of my friends. Of course, Mommy and Daddy were showing me off with no casts on. We had cake, ice cream, hamburgers (Man, Uncle Jason cooks a mean burger!), and she had a space walk! We all got together on the bed and took some pics of ‘The crew”. Check them out…

The only STUDS at the party. Me, Logan, and Landon…ingrams-bday-party-1-nov-2007.jpg

Me and Novalee Gros. (You gotta watch that girl! She was trying to hold my hand!)


“Pinchin’ ears”…


The whole crew. (Notice who’s up by all the girls) Sheldon (pink bow) was crying cuz’ I was holding Eden and Novalee’s hands and Ingram (the only child showing her plump little rump) was singing ‘It’s my party and I can cry if I want to…”


You think us boys don’t know what we’re doin’? Me, Logan, and Landon have strategically surrounded ourselves with some fine women! (Notice Ingram Bates has changed her mood cuz’ it’s time to cut the cake…)


Just enjoying the moment…


Aw, Eden, it’s okay. Just try smiling like me!


Comments on: "WOW! What a party!!" (2)

  1. That is adorable!!

  2. Next time you sit next to other women and God forbid hold their hand, you are going to be in big trouble!!! Remeber who your wife is buddy and stop flirting with other girls!

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