'With God, All Things Are Possible'!

And, if I can say so myself, they’d be crazy not to pic a “happy” kid like me!



I mean, I’ve got the “Hollywood” look already….


Elvis impersonation, you ask?  I got it!


Shy guy?  I’ve been working on that one for 9 whole weeks!


…or how’s about the popular Gary Coleman’s, “Watchoo lookin’ at, Willis?”…


…and last, but not least, I call this one “The Prankster”!


Comments on: "McDonald’s called the other day and wanted a ‘Poster Child’ for their “Happy Meal”…." (4)

  1. We had a great time with you guys at the Tullos party the other night.

    Aley, Elizabeth & Nathanael

  2. shawnwilson said:

    Oliver can I have your autograph? You da MAN!!!!

  3. Grammy Bates in NC said:

    I’ll put my vote in for the “McDonald’s Poster
    Child”….I love all the pictures….you are quite a handsome guy….God bless you and keep you in His Hands!! love you.. xoxoxo

  4. These are the best pictures!!!!!

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