'With God, All Things Are Possible'!

Hey.  Sorry I haven’t given you any updates, but Daddy went back to work and took his computer with him so I haven’t been able to write you.  Surgery #2….CHECK!!  The shunt that runs from my head to my belly was a success.  As a matter of fact, the doctors said that it started working before they left the operating room.  This shunt will drain the excess fluid im my head to my belly.  I don’t even feel it’s there.

Oh yeah, I forgot to tell you……I’M HOME!!!!  I came home this past Saturday at around 2PM.  Wow!  I’ve got a nice crib!  I’ve got a nice house too! (HA!)  My mommy and daddy have been showering me with kisses all the time.  I sleep with them in their room (…they keep it freezin’ in this house!) in my own little bed next to theirs.  I have a nurse that comes  and checks on me about 3 times a week.  She takes my temp, looks at my scars (I dare anyone to challenge me to a number of scars contest).  I know mommy and I have a couple of doctor’s appointments this week.  One of them, I get to meet my pediatrician.  I heard she’s cool.  The other, I have to go to another doctor for my little hernia that they found in my lower stomach area from the last surgery.  I will have to have a small surgery with a scope (yes…#3) to remove the hernias, but that’ll be in and out in one day.

I’m starting early to eat my mommy and daddy ‘out of house and home’.  I am up to over 3 ounces each feeding.  I like to sleep about 20 hours a day (do I sense any jealousy??).  I wake up, get my diaper changed, play for a little bit, eat again, and then go back to my ‘beauty rest’.

My legs are kickin’ up a storm.  Mommy and Daddy do exercises with me every day and then they put these cool boots on me for a couple of hours at a time to help straighten my feet.  Daddy says they are my snowboarding traning boots.

I got to meet some family this weekend!!    If I can say so myself, I’m gonna be one cool dude with all of these cool relatives.  And then, to top it all off, I got to meet the best lookin’ chick on the block, SHELDON GREMILLION!  WOW!  Is she a looker?!  (What do they feed that girl?)


My other Great- Grandma - Maw Maw Kate & Me

My Great-Grandma - Maw Maw Josie and me

Me & Aunt Donna

Comments on: "WOW! It’s been a long time." (2)

  1. Oliver!
    The picture of you and Sheldon (your future wife) is too cute. I’m sure that will pop up again later in life to haunt the two of you 😉 I can’t wait to see pictures of you in your LSU outfit for the big game tomorrow!!! I sang Hey Fighting Tigers to you the other night so you will have to teach it to everyone else that doesn’t know!!! LOVE YOU SO MUCH!

    Le Le

  2. Oliver,
    You’ll always be my Superman (super hunk of a husband that is)!

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