'With God, All Things Are Possible'!

8/21/07 Update

Hey guys!!  I wanted to give you a little update on my progress.  I am still in NICU.  I’m eating like a champ.  God is showing up all the time while I’m still here.  Yesterday (Tuesday), they were working on my feet and legs.  The diagnosis was that they needed to be stretched out and massaged so that I had more flexibility.  Mommy was told some bad news that my charts said that my defect was in the Lumbar region of my spine (L1/L2) which normally means paralysis somewhere below the hips.  This would mean that I would maybe use splints on my legs for walking minimally and use a wheelchair in social events.  I could tell this made my mommy sad, but Jesus whispered in my ear that everything would be okay.  My mommy and I prayed together for the rest of the day.  Later that day, mommy was feeding me and there was a notice of movement in my feet and toes.  People were saying that I was using muscles that I never even knew I had like hamstrings and calves.  Everyone was so excited.  THEN, MY MOMMY WAS GIVEN THE GOOD NEWS THAT ALL OF MY CHARTS WOULD BE UPDATED TO SHOW THAT THERE IS DEFINITE MOVEMENT IN MY LEGS AND FEET AND THAT WE MAY BE LOOKING AT ANKLE BRACES AT THE MOST.  (SO THAT’S WHAT JESUS WAS TALKING ABOUT WHEN HE WHISPERED TO ME THAT EVERYTHING WOULD BE OKAY!)  I was fitted for little boots (splints) to correct my feet and I feel better already!

Then, God came thru again and gave me my own private room in the NICU!!  Finally, they are seeing that I should be treated like the prince that my daddy always calls me!  I don’t have to listen to those stinkin’ alarms going off in the other beds around me any more!  I don’t have to hear those other brats screaming next to me (… although I do pray for them every night).  AAAHHHHH, peace and quiet in my own room with a door to close off and curtains to shut out the bright lights.  I’m talkin’ deep sleep.

I did get to see my doctor tonight and I will have to have a shunt put into my head tomorrow.  Surgery if for 7AM tomorrow.  Yes, I know…..”another surgery”, but that’s okay, I’ve been thru this once before…..I’ll bounce back.  They will put a tube in my head that will release the fluid/pressure and drain it into my belly.  I DID hear someone say that if I recover quickly, I could go home as soon as this Friday or Saturday!  What?  No more wires that I can get tangled up in?  No nurses interrupting my beauty sleep?  Just me, mommy, daddy, and Sophie?  AWESOME!!

To sum it up, if anyone asks how I’m doing, just show them this picture…..

That’s all for now.  Talk to you after my surgery!

Love you guys!

– Oliver –

Comments on: "8/21/07 Update" (6)

  1. So glad you are showing them all how great God is!

    You rock little man!

    I pray for you and your parents. Stay strong!

  2. Logan & Landon said:


    We are very excited to meet you. You are doing so great and we are praying for you each and every day. Us boys are going to have to stick together, and still all those girls hearts.
    we love you! Logan and Landon Patterson

  3. David Widener said:

    Big Papa Trey,
    Praise the Lord for the answered prayers! We will keep praying for your beautiful baby boy!
    Dave, Lauren and Amelia

  4. shawnwilson said:

    You da MAN!!! Keep up the good work. Your leading people to the Master just being you. I’m praying for ya little man.


  5. Amanda Gautreaux said:

    Oliver, you are such a strong, handsome little man! We are praying for you everyday and I can’t wait to see you again and hold you. Your little cousin Hudson is excited to meet you too! love & prayers
    amanda gautreaux

  6. My little Oliver,
    As your only “real” Aunt (sorry Aunt Melissa) I just wanted to say how AWESOME you are!!! You and me got to hang out yesterday and although you may never remember it, we had a blast!! You were only 2 days old when I explained to you what LSU and Geaux Tigers was all about and I can already tell you are going to take after me when it comes to loving those Tigers!! I love you so very much and you have done so many amazing things already in this world. I can’t wait to see what else you have instore for all of us!

    Lots of Love and GEAUX TIGERS

    Le Le

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